Privacy Policy

What is the privacy policy for? This privacy policy intends to make you aware about all aspects related to the kind of information we will need from you, the intended usage of this information, the stakeholders with which this information is shared, the means and measures we implement to prevent the misuse or unintended usage of this information, and a lot more.

The information we collect from you - Here's a quick run through the kind of personal information we solicit from you - Personal identification details such as name, address, driving license number, social security number, employer details and occupation. Financial information such as credit history, banking information, income statements, assets, and account numbers. Legal information, such as divorces, liens, bankruptcy, civil and criminal offences, judgments, etc.

Other correspondence and identification information such as mailing address, telephone and fax number, birth data and place, and alternate addresses. Details about your annuities, such as the issue, the payments already made, the schedule, any specific clauses, etc.

Intended usage of your information - Not even a single percent of the details and information you share with us is misused. All your personal and contact details are required so that we are able to establish quick official communication with you whenever needed. Annuities specific information is required to be shared with qualified buyers so that they can weigh the worth and send you free quotes. Also, when you visit our website, we make note of details like the pages from which you jump to our website, search and browsing patterns etc. All this information helps us fine tune the content of our website to suit your needs. We also use your IP address info to showcase relevant marketing material to you.

Cookies - We use cookies to provide you better content, and to ensure that no fraudulent activity takes place on our websites, which further ensures that your browsing remains safe and secure. You may also choose to disable cookies, and still continue to use our websites; however, this will make a few content areas unusable.

Information Sharing - You can trust us in terms of the way we protect your information. For starters, we only share the required details with limited entities, all of which are the service providers that need to be a part of the structured settlement sale and transfer process, and buyers who pay you cash in lieu of the rights of your settlements. Certified Funders as well as third party service providers are restricted from using any of the provided information for tasks unrelated to the legal requirements of the sale.

Protection - We use Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocol to ensure that the data you provide in the forms we ask you to fill remains secure and safe from unauthorized use. This comprehensive privacy policy statement is applicable for all users of this website, and establishes the understanding that you agree to the terms and conditions defined herein while using this website.

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