How to Sell Structured Settlements

Have you made the buying decision?

If you answered in the affirmative, then you are already through the first step of the selling process. At My Structured Settlements Money, we stress a lot on sellers weighing the implications of a structured settlement sale. Our advisors bring all aspects of a structured settlement sale to light for you, and will assist you from one end to the other in your journey towards immediate cash!

Let the quotes pour in

This is where things get interesting. You really need the guidance of experienced representatives to be able to get the best quotes for your structured settlements. You can safely rely on My Structured Settlements Money to help you out. We broadcast your structured settlement details to qualified buyers, and let them send free quotes to you. In this manner, you get to know the market price for your structured settlement without moving a muscle. Also, you have complete peace of mind as these quotes are brought to you from credible buyers.

Weight the offers and accept one

As you enter negotiations with a buyer of choice, you need to supply well maintained and extensive documentation which also includes the contract that you entered with the issuer of your annuities. It is also necessary to officially establish understanding with the buyer that you realize the implications of the sale such as the discount rate being used to arrive upon the cash amount to be credited to you, and have valid reasons behind selling. When you accept the offer, the purchaser sends you the transfer documents which you need to sign and send bank, to initiate the legal process.

Getting advance cash, if needed

The structured settlement selling process can extend over a couple of months or more. At My Structured Settlements Money, we strive to make it as quick as possible for you. We can also help you out by providing advance cash, which can help you manage your immediately due expenses peacefully. Advance cash makes the waiting period less stressful, and also establishes trust.

Have the court approve the sale

Once you sign and submit the transfer documents, a local attorney that we hire for you submits them to the court. Depending upon the pending cases with the court, you get a hearing date within 30 to 60 days of the submission date. Court approval is not a daunting process, and you are only asked about the reasons of selling the settlement, and whether any stakeholder has any opposition to the sale. You can expect the judge to accord his approval for the sale in the hearing.

Get the cash

After the court approval, the insurance company that is currently issuing annuities to you receives the transfer instructions. This closes the process, and you receive your check for the cash amount. If you need to sell any remaining part of your settlement in the future, you can contact us again and initiate another selling process.

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