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Why My Structured Settlement Money

The key to a successful sale

Though it's not impossible for you to manage a structured settlement sale on your own, you really are bound to feel a void of information and guidance, which could mean a less than ideal deal. My Structured Settlement Money fills this void, and goes even further in letting you see the sale take share without even moving a muscle. We are a professional structured settlement sale facilitating firm that connects you with credible and qualified buyers. Helping you understand the finer details of structured settlements, sorting out all your queries and qualms, getting you great offers and free quotes, helping you with court approvals - we do it all for you.

Maximum value and quick results

A structured settlement is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and most certain financial supports for a person. You can even liquidate your annuities in your time of need and sail through seemingly sticky financial crises. If you are looking to sell your structured settlement, you certainly need professionals to guide you. At My Structured Settlement Money, we facilitate you right from the beginning to the end, focussing on making your selling process short and sweet for you. We have been in the secondary market for structured settlements for several years now and have helped many sellers like you get the best deals.

Your advisors, advocates and assistants

A structured settlement sale, if unguided and unplanned, can prove to be a meandering course. With crisp and practical advise, smart advocacy, and dedicated assistance, you can easily chart the winding waterseffortlessly. That's precisely what do for you, navigating you through all phases of the complete process chain, right from the time you make up your mind about selling your structured settlement off to the time you get the check. We have been in the past, and continue to be, a pillar of strength for structured settlements owners looking to convert the annuities into lump sum cash.

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